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Fernando Perez Injury Feared To Be Serious

A bit of bad news to pass along. The wrist injury Fernando Perez suffered in today's game looks like it could be pretty serious.

From Rays Report

The Rays are giving only vague answers about the prognosis for Fernando Perez, but Andrew Friedman acknowledged “it’s ceretainly possible” the outfielder could be out for an extended period.

It is a left wrist injury, but the Rays want their doctors back in St. Pete to examine his test results before making a more specific statement about his condition.

Several players, however, have indicated the news is bad

The Rays will probably remain quiet until they are certain on a diagnosis, but the fact that Andrew Friedman is throwing around "certainly possible" about Perez being out for a long period of time isn't comforting.

Perez wasn't being looked at as a mainstay on the Rays roster in 2009, but his injury could hurt the depth chart a bit.  It was looking like he would start the season with the big league club and fill in for B.J. Upton until he was deemed 100%. After that he would be the Rays "fifth outfieder," but just stashed away in Durham awating a call if an injury or something else should provide a spot for him. This means that Justin Ruggiano will most likely assume that role and has a very good chance to make the opening day roster for the Rays. Personally, I like Ruggiano and hope he can take this chance to help shed the "Quad-A" label, but I'm not liking the fact that it could come at Perez's expense.