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Potential Draftee Worth Watching: Scott Rembisz

I actually beat this drum last year too, but here we go again.

This time Rembisz is facing stiffer competition at Florida International University and doing quite well. 23 innings pitched, one homerun allowed, 22 strikeouts, and only two walks. That's pretty ridiculous. An older scouting report on Rembisz said the following:

Scott Rembisz is a 2006 RHP/1B from Morgan in Clinton, CT, with a 6'1'', 217 lb. frame. Thick build with strength, balanced mechanics with a closed finish, works fast, maintains velocity, good sink on FB, CB has 11-5 break with good depth, changes speeds well, shows raw power at plate, good bat speed, strength in swing, ball jumps, very good pitching prospect

I have no idea what Rembisz stock will look like closer to the draft, but for the second consecutive year I wouldn't mind if he winds up in the Rays system as a middle round selection. Perhaps following the Jesse Darcy (JESSE DARCY) path?