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We Should Probably Send Eric Hinske a Thank You Card

Longoria also credits Hinske for helping him become a rich man.

“He told me don’t pass up the chance to make your first fortune,” Longoria recalled with a smile. “I trust everything he says and I definitely took that advice.”

Thus, Longoria agreed to a six-year, $17.5-million contract last April despite having less than a month of service time in the major leagues. The deal could be worth up to $50 million for nine years if club options are picked up.

The Tribune Democrat

Maybe a box of chocolates as well. Assuming Longoria isn't blowing smoke here, Hinske helped the Rays pull off one of the best contracts in baseball, and all because he told Longoria, in no certain terms, to get rich.

Andrew Friedman should name his first born after Hinske.