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B.J. Upton is as Cold as an Arctic Winter Breeze

Upton will play in another minor league game Thursday – as the designated hitter for either Class-AAA Durham or Class-AA Montgomery - and will bat two or three times, the Rays said.

Some poor minor leaguer is about to run into a buzzsaw. The article also states that Upton only fielded one ball -- a grounder -- today and that he told Matt Joyce that his legs felt like Jell-o, no word on the flavor. Amusingly, Joyce confirms that B.J. is lazy:

"It's funny, just throwing with the guy, you can tell he has an absolute cannon," Joyce said of Upton. "I mean, he doesn't even try to throw it and the ball is on a line. I'm like, 'That's not even fair, man.'"

Upton is so