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BtB Chat Highlights

[Comment From Daveh.] 
on a scale of 1-10, how frightened are other teams of the Longoria-Upton bash bros. extravaganza that occurred last fall? And do you think it was flukish? Or is this something that will be happening again, and again?

Heath(Dempsey\'s Army):  Scared? Nobody is scared of a career .426 slugger.

R.J. Anderson:  If you aren't scared of B.J. Upton then you simply aren't doing it right.

Heath(Dempsey\'s Army):  I'll be scared of Upton when he regularly slugs .500, thanks.

[Comment From uptonstornlabrum] 
try typing in your mothers basement with this...

R.J. Anderson:  Please, I have many pieces of Upton's body in my basement.

Sky Kalkman:  And, to end it all, how about one bold prediction about the 2009 season.   We won't hold anyone accountable for it and I'll put through intelligent ones from readers.

R.J. Anderson:  These four won't be rooting for a first place team at the end of the year.

You can read the rest of the transcript here.