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Evan Longoria To Join Team USA in World Baseball Classic

Word just came across that Evan Longoria has been selected as a injury replacement for Team USA. Longoria had mentioned he was a possible replacement, but it looks like the possibility is now a reality. He'll join the team in Los Angeles for the semi-finals. According to Marc Lancaster, Longoria could play immediately as the other US third basemen, Chipper Jones and David Wright are both nursing injuries.

Longoria had been hoping for a call ever since Chipper Jones went down with an injury last weekend. Longoria could end up playing the field, as the remaining third baseman, David Wright, cracked a toenail when he fouled a ball off his foot last night and played the duration of the game in pain. --TBO

More to come...

Update: From

Friedman said USA Baseball did not ask Longoria to play first base; right now, the Americans are likely happy just to have another body on the bench

Update 9:26: I just spoke to a source close to the situation and was told the Rays do not want Longoria playing first base.