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Tampa Bay Rays Spring Playing Time Breakdown

Here is a list of all the players who have appeared in the field during a game for the Rays this spring:


Player Total Innings By Position
Albernaz 1 C
Aybar 11 1B-8, 2B-3
Bartlett 12 SS
Beckham 9 SS
Brignac 23 SS-12, 2B 11
Burrell 5 RF
Crawford 10 LF
Ensberg 16 3B-10, 1B-6
Gross 17 RF
Hernandez 12 C
Jaso 10 C
Johnson 24 2B-13, 3B-7, CF-4
Kapler 10 CF-5, RF-5
Kennedy 18 2B
Longoria 18 3B
Navarro 13 C
Nowak 20 3B-6, 1B-14
Olmedo 24 SS-15, 3B-9
Perez 25 CF-20, LF-5
Richard 26 1B
Riggans 18 C
Ruggiano 30 RF-11, LF-1, CF-18
Sadler 25 CF-7, LF-13, RF-5
Weber 32 RF-18, LF-14
Zobrist 22 2B-8, SS-10, LF-4

Things to note:

Pat Burrell and Gabe Kapler have played the same amount of time in RF. Kapler has DH'd more than Burrell.

The Durham Bulls have been playing a lot. Chris Richard, Elliot Johnson and Jon Weber have logged a combined 82 innings. This doesn't even included several players like: Chris Nowak, Morgan Ensberg and Ray Olmedo who could be Durham Bound. Ensberg has also put in 16 hard innings at the teams DH.

Fernando Perez and Justin Ruggiano have been given plenty of innings to audition for the temporary centerfield job should B.J. Upton miss the first week of the season. Perez is hitting .182, while Ruggiano is hitting .429

Upton, Carlos Pena, Matt Joyce and Matt Spring have yet to appear in a game. Nevin Ashley has one at bat, but has not played in the field.