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David Price Pitches Well; Percival Stays Perfect

David Price pitched well in today's 5-0 win over New York.  Even though Price is still going to open the season at AAA Durham, his performance was encouraging.  RJ is going to have more on him tomorrow, so I'll leave it at that. 

Troy Percival continued his excellent spring by throwing a scoreless and hitless 6th inning(he hit Melky Cabrera).  The bullpen as a whole pitched well, with Shouse, Percival, Isringhausen, Wheeler and Balfour throwing five innings of two hit ball. 

The most explosive offensive player for the Rays looked to be Carl Crawford.  Crawford recorded one hit and one walk, but stole two bases, which is a welcome site to see.  It looks like his hamstrings really are feeling better.  Ben Zobrist also stole two bases today, and even Carlos Pena got in the mix with his first bag of the spring.  Even though he went 0-2, Matt Joyce looked good, smoking the ball all over the field. 

The team plays the Pirates tomorrow for the third time in 7 games.