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Derek Rodriguez Sent Back To Chicago White Sox

Less than a week after getting back their own Rule 5 draft pick, the Rays have sent Derek Rodriguez back to the White Sox. The Rays will get back $25,000 of the $50,000 they sent to the White Sox when they selected Rodriguez. Basically, with Morlan back and Rodriguez going to Chicago the money spent/received is a wash.

If you remember back on Wednesday, I had speculated there would only be room for one pitcher and hoped that Morlan would be that pitcher. Not that Morlan is anything special at this point, but his upside is higher than Rodriguez and he is also three years younger. Morlan also doesn't take up a 40 man roster spot, where as Rodriguez did.

This is probably the most important part of the transaction. If the Rays are going to keep Adam Kennedy, Jason Isringhausen or any other NRI, they are going to have to place them on the 40 man roster. This open up one spot with two other potential spots opening up should the Rays choose to place Chad Bradford and Fernando Perez on the 60 day DL to start the season.

There was a slight chance Rodriguez could've made the club back when he was selected, but the signing of better options as well as a very unimpressive spring(0-0, 7.50 ERA in six games) closed what ever little window of opportunity that was there. Good luck, Mr. Rodriguez, we barely got to know you.