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Good News Comes From Joe Girardi Concerning The New York Yankees Right Field Spot

In other news, Girardi said if the regular season were under way that Xavier Nady would be the starting right fielder over Nick Swisher.

Hat tip to Sky.

The more time Swisher spends on the bench at the expense of Nady the better. Offensively, these two will be going in opposite directions this season -- hint: Nady's the one going down -- and defensively Swisher is superior -- over the last three years, an average of a win. Who knows how long this will last, but coupled with the Alex Rodriguez injury, and the Yankees are going to be fielding a weaker lineup than anticipated early on.

Oh, and concerning the DH:

"The earliest we would need him in the outfield would be interleague, and that's a ways off," Girardi said Wednesday. "That's why we envision him as our everyday DH. We need him. He's a great RBI guy. He's very important to our lineup."

"Him" is Hideki Matsui. You could make the case Swisher is the best player of the trio right now, but there's no spot for him in the lineup, and that's a beautiful thing.