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Another Day, Another David Price Article

This one comes to us from Joshua Robinson of the New York Times. Nothing groundbreaking, but he does describe Price's change-up as being "wicked." Price seems to be very comfortable with the pitch.

"I feel better with my changeup, really, than with any other pitch I have right now"

Also, Joe Maddon seems more interested in pitch efficiency more than anything.

“Everybody saw him on the big stage last year pitching in brief spurts as a relief pitcher,” Maddon said. “He’s going to be a starter with us, and there’s a difference with that. If you look at his track record in the minor leagues, he has done well, but a lot of high pitch counts after four or five innings, etc. We don’t want that to be a part of his game.”

Otherwise pretty much your standard David Price is going to start in the minors article. 12 days until opening day...12 days.