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Continued Talk on the Tampa Bay Rays New Stadium and How the Florida Marlins Situation Affects It

Maury Brown of Biz of Baseball:

What matters for the Rays (and for the Marlins) is winning. Attendance for the South Florida clubs will bolstered by winning more than anything else. Given that the market is awash in transplants, many baseball fans have brought their former home team allegiance with them. Winning consistently will be the only way to erode that factor. And, it will be the only way for the Rays to see the sought after pot of gold from the City of St. Petersburg to help pick up a portion of the tab for a new Rays ballpark.


ST. PETERSBURG -- Mayoral hopeful Scott Wagman said he wouldn't require the Tampa Bay Rays to build their new stadium within city limits.

So begins the stadiumbation (stadium placement + rosterbation =).