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One More Community Projection

This time, it's for Tom Tango's cause.

This time instead of trying to plug in how many homeruns or whatever else you think a player is going to get all you have to do is plug in how many games they will play. Yep, that's it. Even better, Tango has done most of the baseline work for us, including labels on the games/innings, such as "platoon", "typical reliever", and so on and so forth. Good stuff. If you want to know what cause you're helping, well:

Your results will be used as an input to the Marcel The Monkey Forecasting System (aka The Marcels), which is going to compete with all the bigshots out there in another project I am conducting. Who knows more about whether a pitcher will be in the starting rotation or the bullpen: an algorithm or a true fan? Who knows more about the number of games an injured ARod will play in 2009: an algorithm or a Yankees fan? There are certain human observation elements that are critical for forecasting. That's where you can come in, and why you are here. Thanks for helping.

If you enjoy the analysis here, take 10 minutes and guess. The work Tango has done in the past is largely responsible for things you see here on a daily basis.

Here's the link again.