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Jason Isringhausen Update: "Either he's going to be a Ray or he's going to be with another club"

So here's what we know:

-Jason Isringhausen has been ok this spring. He hasn't been bad, but he's not necessarily forcing his way on the team.

-Erik reported his velocity was around 88 on Saturday when he normally is around 91.

-Lance Cormier is younger and should be better in 2009.

-Both sides are talking about a "creative" way to keep him.

-Izz'ys agent said he's not accepting a minor league assignment

"I'm optimistic we'll work something out,'' Horwits said. "Both sides want him to stay in Tampa Bay.''

Horwits also made it clear that Isringhausen won't go to the minors. "Suffice to say, Izzy is not going to accept a minor-league assignment,'' Horwits said. "Either he's going to be a Ray or he's going to be with another club.''--Heater

-Horwits goes on to mention that he expects a decision of some sort by tomorrow.

Let me say this; I am an Isringhausen fan and I really liked the signing when it happened, but lets face the facts. He is 36. He is coming off elbow surgery. He's looked ok at best and there are younger and most likely better options than him. I know, I know, he has "closer experience" and "293 saves" but this seems like a lot of work to keep a guy who couldn't find a job last month. If they can find a "creative" way to keep him without losing a younger, better arm then I'm all for it, but I can't think of a way that happens without him going on the DL and then taking a rehab assigment of some sort. Luckily, Andrew Friedman is more creative than I am.