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3/9/09 GDT: Twins @ Rays; Scott Kazmir's Spring Debut

Game Time: 1:05 PM

No Radio or TV, although the Rays official site is promoting Gameday Audio.


Pitchers: LH Scott Kazmir, RH Jeffrey Niemann, RH Dan Wheeler, RH Joe Nelson, LH Randy Choate

Things to watch: Well I guess if you're in the GDT you can't actually watch, but Scott Kazmir makes his spring debut. Hopefully one of our fellow DRB'ers who attends this game can give us a report on how he looked and what he was throwing. Hopefully it will be a lot like this...


The fifth starter spot is pretty much down to Jeff Niemann, Jason Hammel and David Price, kinda. Hammel slipped up a little bit this weekend. We'll see if Niemann can take advantage.

Dan Wheeler makes his 2009 debut as well as Joe Nelson who will be making his Rays debut.

Pat Burrell returns to the Rays after his weekend in San Francisco.

Delmon Young and Brendan Harris are expected to be in the Twins lineup.