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Adam Kennedy Sent To Durham

Well the first chip has fallen. The Rays have reportedly assigned veteran infielder Adam Kennedy to Triple-A Durham. Kennedy has expressed in the past that he was willing to accept a minor league assignment so there should be no problems there. Kennedy will provide the Rays with major ready insurance should an injury to a middle infielder occur at the big league level.

“It would have been more of a surprise for it to be anything other than Durham,” he said. “I can’t argue with the at-bats that Joe [Maddon] gave me and the time on the field. It was a real productive spring, everything I could hope for given the circumstances.”--Rays Report

A few weeks ago it seemed as Kennedy had a real shot of making the roster with Ben Zobrist taking over the temporary centerfield job. However, the emergence of Matt Joyce in centerfield changed that. With Kennedy out of the running, it seems that Joyce is in line for the final roster spot. However, the Rays have maintained Justin Ruggiano, who was sent to Durham last week, is a possibility.

Marc Lancaster also reports Jon Weber, Ray Sadler, Ray Olmedo, Michel Hernandez and Chris Richard expect to be sent to Durham.