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Jason Isringhausen To Remain With Rays

Next on the decision desk is Jason Isringhausen. Marc Topkin reports that Isringhausen will be added to the 40 man roster and most likey be placed on the DL.

Friedman said there is no time limit or deadline on how long Isringhausen will rehab. He will spend most of his time In St. Petersburg but may also workout in Port Charlotte at extended spring training. --Heater

This was the only realistic way to keep Isringhausen in the organization without sending him to the minor leagues. He will receive his major league salary and is technically part of the major league team.

"You see guys coming off surgeries, arm surgeries, you've got to be able to go back to back days numerous times. I just didn't think my arm strength was ready for that. I think this is the right decision for everybody.''

"I love the team, love the guys, love the managment and the GM and everything. Kind of a no-brainer for me. I could have went somewhere else and pitched. I could have, but it's not the same situation. I want to pitch with these guys, and I want to help these guys win as much as I can.''--Heater

With the question marks still surrounding Troy Percival, this is a win-win situation. Troy Percival started to break down in mid-May last year which would be around the same time Isringhausen is ready. Hopefully Percy can stay healthy, but that is a big hope. If Isringhausen does log significant innings, I think we can expect an FIP of around 4 based on his track record and age which is still pretty valuable. Worst case scenario... he has nothing left at which point you just cut him loose.