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The Colorado Rockies Apparently Love Bleacher Treats; Still Exploring Deal for Jason Hammel

So says Troy Renck:

Tucson — As they say goodbye to a respected veteran, the Rockies are attempting to say hello to a new pitcher, exploring trades for the Cubs’ Chad Gaudin and Tampa’s Jason Hammel.

Hammel, who is out of options in his bid to land the fifth spot in Tampa's rotation, is a prime target for the Rockies because he's a big arm and young. But to get him, Colorado will have to make step up in a trade given interest from other teams.

Of all the places Hammel could land, Colorado seems like the absolute worst for him. He's close to even on career balls hit in the air and on the ground, but has nasty tendency to leave flat fastballs over the middle of the plate. Like so. StatCorner's park factors have Coors Field at ~122 HR/FB, the Trop is listed as ~99. That means Coors gives up about 20% more homeruns. Again, that's about the worst possible spot for Hammel to attempt and work out the kinks.

If such a deal occurs, Hammel may need a chiropractor.