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Decision Reached on Tampa Bay Rays Fifth Starter's Travel Plans

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Whoever wins out of Jason Hammel and Jeff Niemann will not be located in the state of Pennsylvania come this weekend, per Marc Lancaster

Jeff Niemann and Jason Hammel, the contenders for the fifth starter’s job, were told this afternoon they will not travel to Philadelphia with the team but will instead stay back and pitch Sunday in minor-league camp. Lance Cormier, who is in the mix for the long relief job in the bullpen with Niemann and Hammel, will accompany the team.

The Rays aren't tipping their hand on who they value higher and both staying in the state makes it easier for scouts in the area to check the pair out. Pitch them both against lower level competition and hope to profit by Sunday. As for Lance Cormier, he's a nervous wreck, just look at him. Terrifying. Cormier has the whole Joe Borowski look going on with those mystical blue eyes. One could get lost in those things, like hitters.

And Tommy.