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4/16/09 Post-Game: Chicago White Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays




Player WPA
Pena 0.272
Iwamura 0.173
Bartlett 0.087
Burrell 0.071
Niemann 0.057
Balfour 0.031
Cormier 0.011
Upton -0.058
Kapler -0.125
Zobrist -0.153
Aybar -0.178
Crawford -0.213
Navarro -0.226
Gross -0.248


The worst part about losses like this is how irritatingly long it takes for your heart to return to normal speed. I say irritating, not because I'm unhappy that we almost came back, but that it's a reminder we didn't complete it. I mean really heart, do you have to beat that fast for that long?