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Reid Brignac, Tim Beckham, and Desmond Jennings Updates

Reid Brignac (SS, Durham)

Odd start to the season for Brignac. He's still not walking,but he's striking out far less as well. His .326 wOBA is above International League average, and serves as a nice midpoint between his 2007 and 2008 performances.

Tim Beckham (SS, Bowling Green)

Much like Evan Longoria, Beckham drew his first walk around his 30th plate appearance. Beckham is striking out nearly a third of the time thus far, yet Beckham's .333 wOBA is still above league average thanks in large part to an insane amount of line drives being hit.

Desmond Jennings (CF, Montgomery)

Jennings is tearing Double-A up thus far, ceasing doubt over whether he could handle the promotion after missing most of 2008. A .410 (!) wOBA, .455 SLG, and .379 OBP suggest so. Oh, and Jennings is still walking at an acceptable clip (8.3%) and not striking out too much (21.2%). Given his defensive reputation and offensive contribution, Jennings' health could be the only thing standing between him and a potential Rays starter within the next two years.