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Fun with Small Sample Sizes

  • Jason Bartlett has a .492 wOBA, which puts him just outside of the top 10 in the league, but just ahead of Raul Ibanez, Chase Utley, and dozens of other worthwile players. This is amusing for a multitude of reasons, but also could mean Bartlett's offensive production finishes closer to league average -- even after some regression -- than previously expected. Given the expected defensive progression based on health, Bartlett should be quite a bit more valuable than last season -- no matter where he finishes in silly award voting.
  • Iwamura has also been impressive offensively. Carl Crawford, not so much. Everytime Carl groundouts to the right side on the first pitch I want kill a baby seal.  77% of the first pitches Carl has seen have either been strikes or put into play.
  • Longoria is the only player with a wOBA above .500 this season with a BB% sub 3. Cristian Guzman has yet to walk and his a wOBA at .490 and Jermaine Dye is at 2.5% and .456 wOBA. Longoria should start walking more pretty soon. Of course, if he maintains a 1.383 OPS and .526 ISO I don't really care if he ever walks again.

  • Per Hit Tracker, Carlos Pena's homerun last night resulted in the ball going about 110 miles per hour off of the bat. That's the season high for the Rays, as is Pena's six homeruns. Longoria has an average homerun distance of 381 feet, Pena is at 389. Jason Bartlett and Ben Zobrist of all players are tied for third on the Rays in homeruns hit. Nothing against either of those two, but that seems unlikely to remain true for very long.

  • Pat Burrell has 43 plate appearances and 17 of them have been worked to three balls. Burrell has been strikingly poor in 2-0 and 2-1 counts, but is feasting on 3-1 counts. Considering he's always hit in 2-0 and 2-1 counts well enough, it seems like just a matter of time before Burrell catches fire.