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The Basepaths Are Hazardous

Remember how we talked about the offense and how, despite a decent OBP and good SLG, we weren't scoring anything more than AL average? Well, the baserunning gaffes might be the culprit.

The entire American League has made 48 outs on the basepaths this season. That doesn't include caught stealings, force plays, or pickoffs. Instead, we're talking someone trying to go home and being tagged out on a sac fly or attempting to take an extra base. Of those 48, the Rays have accounted for seven of them. That's about 15%. The Rays made 68 OOB last season in over 6,300 plate appearances, at this rate they would nearly double that total.

The guilty parties entering last night's game were the Gabes (with three each) and Carl Crawford. Add Carlos Pena to that total and it's getting ridiculous. Since the run value of an out is 0.8, that means the Rays have inadvertently cost themselves about 6 runs this season just through unnecessary baserunning errors. Look, some are inevitably going to occur, but there's no reason the Rays should account for nearly a fifth of the entire AL's outs on the paths.

Data from B-Ref