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Cheer for Regression

Okay, we're 5-8 and in last place. Everything that could go wrong has thus far. Evan Longoria and B.J. Upton have missed multiple games apiece, Dioner Navarro and Pat Burrell have been ineffective offensively, the rotation has four members with FIPs over 5 and three with tRAs over 6, and the bullpen has some issues as well. We're not going to play like a 62-win team all season, it's just not going to happen.

Nothing about this team's layout from two weeks ago has changed. Nothing. The only change has been B.J. in, Matthew Joyce out. Otherwise, the roles and names are the same - now whether you think they should be is an entirely different issue. The point is, this is the same team that we all had warm, fuzzy feelings about less than two weeks ago.

I know some of you don't buy into regression to the mean and all that, but if you have, just imagine there being some grand regression fairy. We don't know when it's going to strike, or where, but it's going to strike eventually. This is team is nowhere near as bad as they're playing, and whether or not you believe they were ever going to win 95+ games, they aren't going to lose that many unless a series of small asteroids find their way into the Rays clubhouse.

Also, it would be dandy if the regression fairy hits us during the off-day. We're heading to a pair of parks where homeruns aren't so trendy and where flyballs go to die. Something's gotta give.