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Updates on David Price and Desmond Jennings

Photo Credit: Dennis Adair
Photo Credit: Dennis Adair

It's been almost a week since we've had a David Price article and I was starting to experience Price withdrawal. Luckily, I've found some Price related news to give us all a quick fix.

First, hat tip to Montomgery Advertiser writer, Stacy Long, who has provided us with a ton of updates on the minor league side of spring training. Long gives us a recap on Price's first game for Durham. Let's just say the results were not good.

Price surrendered six runs, including three homers, in four innings. The wind was hefty to left.

Whoops. Price was probably working on some of the things the Rays asked him to and I'm sure the wind didn't help his cause.

The next Price piece comes to us from Tyler Hissey via Tyler recently interviewed Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus, who has been quite outspoken on the David Price decision. Here are some highlights:

The decision leaves me completely and utterly baffled when it comes to what the Rays did with David Price this year

And so I don't understand it, and this whole "we're going to control his innings" crap, to be honest with you.

it's just strange to say, because I've had nothing to say but ridiculous praise for the Rays have been doing the things the past couple years. I just think they have made a monumentally dumb decision here. I guess I get kind of tired of everyone thinking long term.

We can debate this all day long, but I think we've covered the decision enough.

In other minor league news, Desmond Jennings is healthy and impressing a lot of people. Jennings wowed the Arizona Fall League and is doing more of the same in minor league spring training. The Alabama native, is hoping to break camp with Double-A Montgomery.

Center fielder Desmond Jennings has been impressive this week and, he hopes, will start the season with the Double-A Biscuits.

"I'm trying to make it hard for them to send me down," said Jennings, one of Tampa Bay's top prospects. "I know I can play. It's just a matter of being healthy and staying on the field."

"It was a rough year," Jennings said. "But everything is healthy now and I feel good. I'm ready to start the season. I was ready to start the season in January."

And back to Tyler's interview where he talks to Goldstein about Jennings.

I am very high on Desmond Jennings. The tools are incredible. It says something when you thing about a league like the Arizona Fall League, which is just filled with studs, and you talk to a scout who says "Jennings stood out like a sore thumb" on a tools level. That says a lot. If you can stand out in the Arizona Fall League on your athleticism, you're a pretty special athlete. And that's what he is.

After reading that it's hard not to be excited for Jennings and hope he can finally stay healthy.