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The Fallout from the Julio Lugo Trade; Sergio Pedroza Released

First Joel Guzman was gone and now Sergio Pedroza.

Pedroza tried it all. Catching, outfield, DHing, so on. He didn't quite work out, despite a monster 2006 when he produced over 40 wRAA and a pretty decent 2007 with 26 wRAA. Pedroza is 25-years-old and a non-prospect, but man was he fun for that short time in 2006.

The Lugo deal is fun to look back on. The Rays had three options; re-sign him, trade him, hold on and take the draft picks. They tried re-signing him - that fell apart over a no-trade clause - and decided Guzman/Pedroza were better than the draft picks. Smart move? Hard to say, it looks like a wash. Guzman was highly touted and most thought it was a fair enough deal at the time.

Those two picks instead went to the Dodgers who drafted Chris Withrow and James Adkins in the 2007 draft. John Sickels rates Withrow as the 12 best prospect in the Dodger system and Adkins as an honorable mention. Neither seems to be a better prospect than Guzman was at the time.