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B.J. Upton Not In Lineup Tonight

Just got word from the Emerald City that B.J. Upton will miss tonight's game due to some lingering problems from his quad injury. From what I hear it's more precautionary than anything. Upton told Marc Lancaster "I don’t see any reason I shouldn’t play tomorrow.” He also added that there is "no chance" of him landing on the DL.

The report also says Upton's discomfort has moved from the quad to the groin. I don't know much about injuries, but I know these type of problems could linger if not handled correctly. It's still early in the season and as much as we need Upton right now, we need him for the rest of the season as well. The best thing is to make sure he's 100% before running out there and possibly damaging the quad or groin even more. Gabe Kapler will play centerfield in his place tonight against the left handed Jarrod Washburn.