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Draft Prospect Worth Watching: Brian Goodwin

A while ago, I penned hope of Bobby Borchering slipping to the Rays in the first round due to signability concerns and generally being overlooked. Yeah, right. I've talked with a few sources since and Borchering's stock has shot up. Stupid Borchering won't stop hitting, so the only way we're sniffing him is by starting rumors about his incestuous affair with lizards. If a team is willing to take a chance on a lizard person with weird fetishes, then by all means, select Borchering.

New high school obsession: Brian Goodwin.

Goodwin is a speedy centerfielder from a North Carolina high school. Naturally, that means he's committed to the University of North Carolina, who unlike LSU with Reid Brignac and Jeremy Hellickson, usually doesn't have commitments bolt to the pros. Goodwin is your typical Chuck LaMar era Rays pick. He's extremely toolsy and if you want to talk about your typical toolset (speed, contact, power, fielding, and arm strength) Goodwin only lacks power.

Absolute best case: Kenny Lofton

Absolute worst case: Tom Goodwin

Here's a video of Goodwin doubling, then stealing third during the AFLAC All-American game:

Brian Goodwin 9th Inning base hit (via rkyosh007)