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Bad Baserunning Gets Tiresome Quicker Than ChatSpeak

We've talked about the struggles of each unit on this team, and running the bases is no different.

The average American League team made six outs on the basepaths entering tonight's game. That does not include pickoffs, caught stealing, or force plays. At the same time, the Rays had made 10. Tonight, Willy Aybar's tag out at home marks number 11. That's roughly nine runs given up on the basepaths in situations where they really shouldn't have been and four more than the average AL team.

In other words, we've almost cost ourselves an entire win on the basepaths. There's a thin line between aggression and stupidity. I think we're tripping over it right now, and I can only hope the coaching staff works on curbing the problem.

This team needs to start winning series in the absolute worst way right now.