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4/4/09 GDT: Rays @ Phillies; Pat Burrell Leads Off, Seriously.

Game Time: 1:05

TV/Radio: 620 WDAE


Pat Burrell RF
Jason Bartlett SS
Carl Crawford LF
Evan Longoria 3B
Carlos Pena 1B
Gabe Kapler CF
Shawn Riggans C
Aki Iwamura 2B

Pitcher: Matt Garza

Things to watch: The top of the lineup. Yes, Bat Burrell is leading off and playing right field. The Rays regulars are only getting one turn in the lineup so Burrell's leadoff day should be over rather quickly. By the third inning Ray Sadler and crew should be running things. We hope Ray got his steak and shrimp on the plane ride over to Philly and he enjoyed the Evian showers at the major league ball park.