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The Tampa Bay Rays Are Mulling Other Offers for Jason Hammel

LAS VEGAS — The Rockies and Rays have agreed on the parameters of a deal that would land Colorado right- handed reliever Jason Hammel, but Tampa Bay is still mulling other offers.

The Rockies would send Double-A pitcher Aneury Rodriguez to the Rays, whom Tampa Bay scouted heavily in Tucson last week.

Tampa Bay, however, has scheduled Hammel to throw in a minor- league game Sunday in a last attempt to increase his trade value to multiple suitors.

Denver Post

Apparently the Rockies would initially use Hammel in long relief and in spot starts. I'm not sure that's going to help him -- considering he seemed to lose focus after heading into that role last season -- but we'll see. Also, if the Rays have offers that are comparable to Aneury Rodriguez out there, then I think everyone has misread Hammel's value to other teams.