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Our Spring Nightmare is Finally Over as the Roster is Set; Jason Hammel Officially Traded

No longer hammer time in Tampa Bay.
No longer hammer time in Tampa Bay.

Joe Smith with the scoop. In exchange, we get Aneury Rodriguez. That means Jeff Niemann will remain a Ray (yay!) and will be the fifth starter. That means Lance Cormier will also stick around, probably as the long-man in the bullpen.

You can read more about Rodriguez from yesterday's posts, but he's a fine return. I don't know what his roof is, and if he turns into a league average starter that's great. He's a lot better than I would've expected and given the circumstances it's a nice coup. I still hope Hammel succeeds in Colorado. He's been a part of this organization for a long, long time, and unfortunately things just didn't work out here.

So your 25-man roster is done, but don't get too comfortable, with B.J. Upton due back in a week, someone's gonna get the boot relatively quickly. Plus, there's a good chance someone gets hurt or bombs early on like oh...every other year. The best news though, is that in 24 hours we're going to have a GDT that means something.

Baseball is finally back.