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Weather Not Looking Good For Opener

The scheduling geniuses at Major League Baseball never cease to amaze. 

For some reason they fail to grasp the effects of weather on baseball games.  Putting games in cold weather cities early in the season isn't normally condusive to the games, you know, actually being played.  Last season the opening Indians vs Mariners series was snowed out, and this year at least one series so far has been postponed due to snow(CHW vs KC). 

I say at least one, because the chances of the Rays and Red Sox playing their opening series are starting to look slimmer than Kate Moss.  Tomorrow, is calling for a daytime high of 51 degrees with 17mph winds and an 80% chance of rain.  With a chance of snow Tuesday doesn't look much better . 

This shouldn't happen on Opening Day.  I know that more than any other sport baseball is a slave to the elements, but Opening Day is arguably MLB's second biggest showcase.  MLB looks foolish for continually putting itself in these situations.