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2009 Tampa Bay Rays Opening Day Notes

Evan Longoria will make his first appearance on an opening day roster.(Photo by SRQMan)
Evan Longoria will make his first appearance on an opening day roster.(Photo by SRQMan)

The day has finally arrived; Opening day 2009. Here is a look back at the Tampa Bay Rays opening day history.

  • The Rays are 6-5 on opening day.
  • This marks the 4th consective road start for the Rays and the 7th overall.
  • They are 3-3 on the road on opening day.

Date Site Result Winner/Loser
31-Mar-98 Home Detroit 11, Tampa Bay 6 Thompson/Alvarez
5-Apr-99 Away Baltimore 10, Tampa Bay 7 Mussina/Alvarez
3-Apr-00 Away Tampa Bay 7, Minnesota 0 Trachsel/Radke
3-Apr-01 Home Tampa Bay 8, Toronto 1 Lopez/Parris
2-Apr-02 Home Tampa Bay 9, Detroit 5 Zambrano/Acevedo
31-Mar-03 Home Tampa Bay 6, Boston 4 McClung/Fox
30-Mar-04 Japan Tampa Bay 8, New York 3 Zambrano/Mussina
4-Apr-05 Home Toronto 5, Tampa Bay 2 Halladay/Brazelton
3-Apr-06 Away Baltimore 9, Tampa Bay 6 Lopez/Kazmir
2-Apr-07 Away New York 9, Tampa Bay 5 Vizcaino/Stokes
31-Mar-08 Away Tampa Bay 6, Baltimore 2 Shields/Guthrie


The Rays will open the season against Boston for the second time in team history. The first meeting came on 3/31/03 and saw a memorable finish as Carl Crawford hit a three run walk off home run with two outs in the ninth inning. The Rays and Red Sox played a combined 25 times last year with the Rays winning 14 times.

Crawford will be playing in a Rays franchise record seventh opening day. Next on the all time list is Toby Hall (5) and a three way tie between Fred McGriff, John Flaherty and Aubrey Huff(4). Some of the more forgettable opening day starters include: Herbery Perry, Bobby Smith, Alex Gonzalez, Felix Martinez, Chris Gomez, Mike Kelly, Chris Singleton and Al Martin.

The Rays have 12 different names on this years opening day roster compared to last years:

  • Evan Longoria
  • Grant Balfour
  • Lance Cormier
  • Joe Nelson
  • Jeff Niemann
  • Scott Kazmir (started 2008 on DL)
  • Brian Shouse
  • Pat Burrell
  • Matt Joyce
  • Gabe Gross
  • Gabe Kapler
  • Ben Zobrist

In just six short hours, it will be time; Play Ball.