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Some More Thoughts on the Game

A bit unorganized so excuse the mess.

  • Carl Crawford's defense is still absolutely stellar. Sometimes you forget just how much room he covers, then he goes and makes some crazy good plays like today and makes them look routine. Take his running stabs from today, or his dive/throw - which showed a remarkably good sense of awareness - or even his plays off the wall. Sometimes I think we take his range for granted, and this season I'm making a conscious effort to notice it more than ever Good defensive series from Carl, real good.
  • At first, I was against the decision to leave Brian Shouse in against a righty, but after being reminded J.D. Drew flagged Kevin Youkilis, it made some sense. The difference between Shouse and, say, Joe Nelson for one plate appearance against a righty is minimal. Of course, it helped matters that there was a single out and that the Rays held a three-run lead.
  • Speaking of Nelson, after starting fastball heavy, he ended almost exclusively using his vulcan change. Nelson's first seven pitches were fastballs, followed by a pair of changes and then another fastball.  His last 10 pitches featured six change-ups. Nelson only generated one swinging strike, which came on his final pitch - a fastball to Jed Lowrie.
  • Matt Joyce's homerun was pretty damn awesome. If he looks unnatural in center it's because he is, but he's still held up fairly.
  • I'm not sure Shawn Riggans is capable of a hit if it doesn't leave the playing field.
  • Three more games until B.J. Upton returns. Ready yourselves.