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Tampa Bay Rays Getting Offensive

The Rays scored 13 runs and naturally everyone is happy.  We all know the offense is capable of scoring runs(imagine what they'd do if B.J. was hitting), but what's frustrating is the fact that they have seemed to only score them in bunches. 

The last five times the Rays have scored 6 or more runs they promptly went out and basically laid an offensive egg the following game, scoring 2, 3, 0, 2, and 3 runs respectively.  They were able to string together 11 and then 15 runs in their April 12th and 13th games, but that seems like so long ago now. Hopefully tonight they can finally break that trend and score more than three runs. 

-I know Tommy touched on it earlier, but what a game from Michele Hernandez.  He now has as many RBI as Navarro.

-Speaking of Navarro, I looked up his walk total.  It's not pretty.  In 74PA he's walked one time.  That's Bengie Molina territory, except Molina is actually hitting a little bit.  I have faith that Navarro's bat will come around, but he really needs to take a free pass a little more often.

-Can we clone Evan Longoria and have 9 of him in the lineup against the Red Sox?  In 4 games against Boston this season Longoria has a slash line of .474/.474/1.105/1.579 with 9 hits, 2 doubles, 3HR and 5RBI. 

The Rays need to come out tonight and keep up the offensive showcase.  It's Justin Masterson for God's sake.