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Minor League wOBA Updates

All data from StatCorner

Player PA wOBA Level Position
Hughes 81 0.470 AA 1B
Jennings 83 0.420 AA CF
Cipriano 46 0.394 AA 2B
Sexston 74 0.369 A+ 3B
Joyce 57 0.368 AAA CF
Brignac 77 0.363 AAA SS
Fronk 66 0.363 AA OF
Jaso 57 0.360 AAA "CA"
Ashley 49 0.360 A+ CA
Powell 43 0.350 A+ OF
O'Malley 65 0.336 A+ SS
Royster 45 0.286 A+ OF
Nowak 49 0.253 AAA 1B/3B
Salem 75 0.252 A+ OF
Ruggiano 73 0.251 AAA OF


Pretty straightforward. All of these names are either prospects, fringe prospects, or guys like Shawn O'Malley (extremely fast) or Pedro Powell (venerable nice guy).


Desmond Jennings is the narwhal of Rays prospects. If you ever get down on the idea of Carl Crawford not being a Ray one day, take a road trip and watch this guy or read up on him.

Matt Joyce has recovered from an awful start and is now hitting pretty well.

Reid Brignac is doing well.

Reid Fronk and Cody Cipriano were college picks from 2007. Fronk's probably the bigger ‘prospect' of the two.

Nevin Ashley and John Jaso are hitting about as well as you could ask from your catchers.

Whatever Desmond Jennings is drinking, Justin Ruggiano and Emeel Salem are in need of it.