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Pat Burrell Out Of Lineup Again With Neck Injury

Update: Pat Burrell flew back home today where he will be evaluated by Dr. Tom Tolli, the teams go to guy on back injuries. A back injury would jive with my comparison to Derrek Lee. Lee missed five games, but did not need to go on the DL.


So when does a stiff neck turn into a pain in the ass? I'd say about now. Pat Burrell will miss tonight's game with what is still being called a "stiff neck." Just for comparison's sake, Derrek Lee had a similar situation in Chicago and MRI's revealed a bulging disk in his back, however Lee will continue to play. While we have no indiciation this is the same situation, it seems that there is a bit more than a stiff neck involved.

Burrell's power, or lack there of, has been a bit of a concern, but overall his .250 batting average and .350 OBP are about normal. Lately, Burrell's walks have dropped, while his O-Swing has risen. Depending on what or if there is an actual injury, this could explain some of the struggles.

For now we'll just sit back, take the Rays' word for face value.. Willy Aybar will continue to DH in Burrell's absense.