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What's Eating Scott Kazmir?

Data from StatCorner

SwStr% 2007 2008 2009
Shields 10.6 9.6 9.1
Kazmir 12.1 11.8 6.2
Garza 8.7* 7.6 6.8
Sonny 9.2* 7.3 7
Niemann 6.7* 5.7

Smallish sample sizes are noted with asterisks

I'm not entirely sure whether the smallish bumps really matter much (Shields, Garza, and Sonnanstine) but Kazmir is ridiculously lower. Here's an incomplete list of pitchers getting more whiffs than Kaz so far:

Glen Perkins

Chan Ho Park

Scott Feldman

Kyle Lohse

Jason Marquis

Nick Blackburn

Jeff Karsens

Joe Saunders

Bartolo Colon

Andy Pettitte

Trevor Cahill

Zach Duke

Add this with the velocity issues, and Kazmir's red flag just got more vibrant. I don't know if he's hurt and I won't speculate as such, but this is bad, and I don't know if there's anything good to come from it.