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Series Preview: 5/18-5/21 Oakland Athletics @ Tampa Bay Rays

5/18: Sean Gallagher vs. Jeff Niemann (7:08 SS)

5/19: Josh Outman vs. James Shields (7:08 SS)

5/20: Brett Anderson vs. Scott Kazmir (7:08 SS)

5/21: Dallas Braden vs. Matt Garza (4:08 FSF)

Another four-game set against another team better than their record suggests. Exciting.


Gallagher is the lone right-handed starter we'll see this series. His fastball sits in the low-90s and te throws it alongside a slider, curve, and change-up. In terms of batted ball profile, he's pretty equal, although so far his line drive rates are through the roof. Gallagher is a strike-thrower if nothing else.

Outman throws in the mid-to-upper 90s, has a slider, and a change, and throws a lot of strikes himself. None of his run average numbers are overly impressive thanks to 1.69 HR/9. He never really had a problem with the long-ball in the minors, so this seems like a short-term ailment. He too throws strikes.

Anderson is another lefty who throws strikes and has issues with the homer - surprise, surprise, right? - you may remember him from the Dan Haren trade. Anderson is a groundball inducing pitcher thanks to a heavy 90-92 MPH fastball/sinker, slider, and curve/change combination. When he's on, few things touch the sky, when he's off though, more than a few things touch the sky.

Braden has been extremely solid for the A's and still sits in the high-80s.

C Kurt Suzuki

1B Jason Giambi

2B Adam Kenendy

3B Bobby Crosby/Jack Hannahan

SS Orlando Cabrera

LF Matt Holliday

CF Ryan Sweeney

RF Aaron Cunningham/Travis Buck

DH Jack Cust

Yup, another injury depleted lineup.

Pre-Cleveland: 37%

Post-Cleveland: 38%