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The Jake Peavy Trade: From San Diego to Chicago

No word on the exact names but Gordon Edes is reporting that there will be four pitching prospects heading back to San Diego, including Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda. Over the last three seasons, Peavy has been worth WAR of 4, 6.2, and 2.8; Kazmir's WAR: 3.9, 5.2, 2. Peavy is due nearly 60 million over this and the ensuing three seasons. Kazmir is less expensive, also less durable, and right now looks like a wreck. I'm not saying Kazmir would bring back a similar package in quality or quantity, but if the Rays seriously pursue a trade at some point, this is probably a template from which other teams will look to work on.

Nobody really considered the White Sox a potential trade partner anyways. Cincinnati, Milwaukee, maybe St. Louis, and Texas seem a whole lot more likely, so the actual deal doesn't seem to hurt our chances.  Of course this assumes Kazmir's trade value remains at a reasonable level and ... you know; if he sets his arm on fire it might actually help us more than if he makes his next start.

Update: And there's a chance Peavy just kills this entire thing.