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Series Preview: 5/22-5/24 Tampa Bay Rays @ Florida Marlins

5/22: Andy Sonnanstine vs. Ricky Nolasco (7:10 FSF)

5/23: Jeff Niemann vs. Uh? (7:10 FSF)

5/24: James Shields vs. Josh Johnson (1:10  FSF)

This series will suck because at least one of these games is going to be a Marlins-sanctioned broadcast, perhaps two of them. At least no more "HAMMER" references...I think.


Nolasco’s ERA makes him look awful, but his FIP and tRA aren’t poor. His BABIP against is over .380, which is just ridiculous, and really, don’t be surprised if Nolasco has a stellar start. He’s due for one, and he’s a pretty good pitcher, no matter what the W-L column suggests. Let’s hope that 52.7 strand rate continues, because I really wouldn’t mind if ~47% of our baserunners end up scoring on Nolasco. Stuff wise, Nolasco’s fastball is getting rocked this year, -4.01 runs per 100. Only his change (-5.95/100) is worse, meanwhile his slider and curve are actually in the clear.

As for Saturday’s game, the Marlins haven’t announced a starter. speculation points towards Sean West. We’ll see.

Sunday’s game features Josh Johnson, who gets a ton of publicity – at least as much as any other Marlin pitcher – and rightfully so. Johnson has pitched 60 and a third innings thus far, in 2007 and 2008 combined he pitched 103 innings. His 95 MPH fastball has a run value of 1.46 per 100, and his change-up is at 5.34 per 100. Not as great with the slider though, -0.34 per 100.

C John Baker

1B Jorge Cantu

2B Dan Uggla

3B Emilio Bonifacio

SS Hanley Ramirez

LF Chris Coghlan

CF Cody Ross

RF Jeremy Hermida

Pre-Oakland: 38%

Post-Oakland: 31%

Yeah…we’re four games back of Boston and six of Toronto, we really, really need to take these next two series and dominate in interleague play.