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Scott Kazmir and Troy Percival Officially Heading to the Disabled List

As per the Rays press release; tendinits for Percival, a right quad strain for Kazmir.

Look, there's nothing to lose with switching out Percival and Thayer. The worst case scenario is Thayer being just as poor as Percival, but pitching in situations of far less importance. He's effectively the lowest on the bullpen totem pole, and that's probably fine by him. Expectations wise, hard to say, I wouldn't suggest thinking he's going to become a lock-down reliever, the stuff is and will be questioned and we don't really have any data on his pitches, so I can't say one way or the other. He missed bats throughout the minors though. On a lighter note; congrats Dale Thayer, you've earned this promotion, now just don't give them a reason to demote you.

As for Brignac. Assuming Pat Burrell returns within the next five-to-six days this is simply to give the Rays some flexibility. It adds a left-handed bat, a potential pinch runner, and a middle infield defensive sub to a bench lacking such. No idea whether Brignac will get a start or two while he's up, but a Bartlett/Brignac infield could be fun, and a glimpse of the future.

Enough has been said about Kazmir, the only question is whether Carlos Hernandez, David Price, Mitch Talbot, or someone else makes the start Monday. Theoretically the Rays could use Lance Cormier, but that seems unlikely. I'm cheering for Price, and I suspect most others are too.

Even more from Lancaster, the king of today's reporting:

tborays Percival has gone home to clear mind, ponder future - which could be in doubt