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David Price Likely To Replace Scott Kazmir In Rotation; Percival Pondering Retirement

All hail the Velociraptor(Photo By Dennis Adair)
All hail the Velociraptor(Photo By Dennis Adair)

It's being reported various places, and we've heard from sources of our own that David Price will more than likely take Scott Kazmir's turn in the Rays rotation this Monday. Price has been kept to a strict pitch count in Durham around 75-80 pitches per start. He battled control issues for most of the season, but is coming off of his best start of the season in which he allowed no hits, walked just two batters while striking out nine in five innings. He owns a 3.93 ERA/3.42 FIP in eight starts this year. As mentioned above, his BB/9 of 4.72 is unsettling, but probably a byproduct of working on specific pitches, His K/9 of 9.17 is the second highest output at any level he's pitched at.  If I had to sum up this move in one word, I think FINALLY...would do,

In other news, as reported earlier by Marc Lancaster, "Closer" Troy Percival will fly back home and is possibily considering retirement after this latest injury. The Rays will go with a closer by committee, but with Dan Wheeler and Jason Isringhausen on the roster we'll see how that goes. We here at DRB nominate J.P. Howell, but who listens to us anyway.