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David Price is Officially Monday's Starter

Per Stacy Long:

UPDATE: Price was to start Saturday for Durham, which will now use Jason Childers and Julio DePaula against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

This will mark Price's second career start in the majors. Anyone who wants to get revenge on Victor Martinez or whomever for the B.J. Upton incident need to push those hopes aside. Price needs not to concern himself with something like that. As for what I'll be looking for:

1. Non-fastball pitches.

During his time up last year, Price threw 98.7% fastballs/sliders. Whether he feels comfortable with the spike curve isn't as much to my concern as to whether he can mix the change-up in. Let's hope so. I'm not looking or hoping for him to become Shields-like in change-up usage either.

2. Durability and efficiency.

He had a 75 pitch allowance in Durham, who knows if the Rays increase that towards 90 immediately, or if they pace him his first time or two through the rotation. Hopefully he can make it through 5, maybe 6.