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Joe Maddon Officially Signs Three-Year Extension With Tampa Bay Rays

In one of the worst kept secrets, the Rays (finally) announced that Joe Maddon has signed a three year extension and will remain the Rays manager at least through the 2012 season. The 2008 manager of the year is the Rays all time leader in games managed and holds the best managerial record in the franchise's history(247-285). Financial terms were not disclosed.

Joe Maddon expressed numerous times during the announcement that the Rays were the only team he is interested in managing and never did he consider leaving as an option. "This is where I belong, this is where I want to be." Maddon also considered signing the extension as a "no brainer." Andrew Friedman echoed that sentiment, "this was a no brainer on our part as well." Friedman said one of the reasons the front office decided to keep Maddon was to "give us the stability that this team needs." "Our continued success will come from stability both on and off the field, and having Joe here long-term is an important part of that stability," added the Rays Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations. Friedman also noted that the Rays appreciate the balance Maddon brings between his veteran players and the younger players on the team.  "We're always going to have a development component to our major league roster."

Rays President Matt Silverman added that timing was not an issue for getting deal done, noting that it was "never a question" of resigning Maddon, just a matter of when. He said that after the team got over the "hectic" first few weeks of the season, they decided to talk to Maddon and work out a deal. Said Silverman, "Joe wants to be here and we want Joe to be our manager."

Andrew Friedman went on to say the Rays should have an update on the Akinori Iwamura situation in a little bit and added that we could see another player being added to the DL in addition to Iwamura. If I had to guess, I'd say it would be Joe Nelson for reasons in my earlier post as well the fact that Nelson looked a bit hobbled trying to field a ball yesterday. Of course we'll have that covered as well.