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A Quick Comparison: CC Sabathia Versus David Price

Why Sabathia? Big lefty, blazing fastball and slider, hyped, it works.

Sabathia's last start:


Price last night:


Most notable difference in this small sample size comparison:

- Sabathia uses a change-up.

- Sabathia's slider breaks a lot more horizontally, of course it also goes 5-6 MPH slower than Price's too.

- Price's spike curve breaks more vertically than any other pitch recorded. The more I think about it the more it makes sense that Price would feel more comfortable with a curve than change. The latter is a feel pitch, the former requires some innate ability to spin the ball, Price clearly has that ability (see: slider). That's purely conjecture though.

- Sabathia's fastballs have a tighter cluster in movement. Not sure what that means going forward.