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Opportunity Arises

Remember how I said Ramon Castro might be the one to go in New York? Well:

Here's a Daily News exclusive: The Mets are working the phones, trying to trade Ramon Castro before Saturday's 1:10 p.m. game, according to sources. If Castro can't be traded by Saturday's game when Brian Schneider is activated, the Mets are not prepared to eat his $2.5 million salary, a source said. As a result, if Castro remains, a source said the Mets are prepared to go to 11 pitchers for a couple of days, depending on usage tonight. Otherwise, the Mets are willing to option Omir Santos to Triple-A Buffalo. The Mets are believed to have spoken to the Mariners about Castro.

I covered the reasons for the Rays here. Assuming the Mets are as desperate as this passage seems to convey, the Rays might have to get involved here. Although that's pure conjecture on my part.