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Series Preview: 5/4-5/5 Baltimore Orioles @ Tampa Bay Rays

5/4: Adam Eaton vs. Scott Kazmir (7:08, SS)

5/5: Koji Uehara vs. Matt Garza (4:08, FSF)

While you were asleep, the Rays moved ahead of Baltimore in the standings.

Remember when the Rays exploded on Adam Eaton? Well, we've been the only ones to do so. Eaton is sporting a fresh 3.46 tRA and a 3.56 FIP. He's walking about the same batters as he always has in his career while striking out an additional two per nine. Even less amusingly is Eaton's swinging strike rate, which is back up to his 2005 numbers. Oh and he has a .408 BABIP. Yeah, uh, I don't know what's up either besides an increase flyball rate, which makes... well no sense as to why he should be doing better.

Uehara is [import joke] which means he's built better than [American car industry joke]. Seriously though, Uehara is getting 10% hacks and not walking anyone with a fastball that sits around 87 (Yes) and a split-fingered pitch that sits way lower. Uehara is primarily an outs-by-air pitcher.

So, the good news: we're facing the worst team in the ALE, yay!

The bad news: we're facing their two best pitchers so far, boo!

C Gregg Zaun

1B Ty Wigginton/Aubrey Huff

2B Brian Roberts

3B Melvin Mora

SS Cesar Izturis

LF Felix Pie

CF Adam Jones

RF Nick Markakis

DH Luke Scott

Thank Bill Bavasi for trading that monster Adam Jones into our division. Thanks Bill! The rest of the lineup you know. I hate these two-game series. It just feels odd.

Oh, and a playoff update:

Prior to the Red Sox series: 29% playoff odds.

After the Red Sox series: 34% playoff odds.

Let's raise those odds a little more with a series win.