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Rays Prospect Jeremy Hellickson Sidelined With Shoulder Strain

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One of my personal favorites, and one of the Rays top prospects, Jeremy Hellickson left Tuesday's game after two innings with what is being called a "shoulder strain." Stacy Long tells us that it muscle Hellickson strained is the supraspinatus muscle and he will be re-evaluated in the next few days. After some quick research, I learned that the supraspinatus is one of four muscles in the rotator cuff and is often the most injured of the four. According to Biscuits Manager and former Rays coach, Billy Gardner he will likely miss his next turn in the rotation.

"He felt something funny, something he hasn't felt before," Gardner said. "Right when he said he felt something, we got the bullpen going."

Any time a young pitcher of Hellickson's abilities gets injured you fear the worst, but according to Hellickson himself, he feels good and feels the injury isn't serious. Let's hope he's right.

"I'll be all right," Hellickson said after the game. "It feels good now. There was a little discomfort on a pickoff throw, but nothing too bad."

Ranked anywhere from 5th to 8th amongst the Rays top prospects according to various outlets, Hellickson was cruising through Double-A this season. His current record is 2-1 wit h a 1.93 ERA/2.27 FIP in five starts. Once again he is exhibiting his excellent control with a K/9 of 10.61 compared to a BB/9 of 2.57. This season he has improved on keeping the ball in the park at the Double-A level. After allowing 15 home runs in 75 innings last year, he has surrendered just one home run in 28 innings this year.

Cross your fingers on this one.

(H/T to Kevin)